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Marta Molka Art Portfolio

Marta Molka Art Portfolio

Marta Fairbrother sculptress art portfolio created with the use of open source software WordPress. Deep Focus theme of Elegant Themes was used for the main design of the site. It was edited and styled to suit the needs of the  Artist.


Marta Molka (born in Poznan, Poland) studied at the University of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland graduating Master’s Diploma gained from the Department of Sculpture and Space in 2009. Lives and works in London.


In a world where we are bombarded by information we sometimes feel chaos and it is difficult for us to decide on what is right. As the natural world aspires to equilibrium, an awareness of harmony can play an important role in our lives. I try to create harmony between my sculpture and its surrounding. I want the viewer to experience the feeling of one shape going into another. I don’t want him to feel distracted by the constant flurry of conflicting information and forms, but instead to easily be drawn into a single moment of concentration. A moment where he can focus only on what is real to him, so he might better understand the world, life and himself.



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